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The smart carry solution for deep concealment  CCW – a Lightningwear Holster

If you carry a concealed weapon, you need a smart concealed carry holsters solution for concealing it. Of course, you can dress around the gun, but that isn't always practical and doesn't always work. And so sometimes, you sigh and leave your protection at home in the gun-safe. Your CCW pistol doesn't do a darn bit of good sitting in the safe.

To truly protect your family, it is only smart to carry your pistol every time you leave the house – whether you are dressed in a suit, slacks and a tucked-in shirt, a blouse and skirt, or jogging attire. And unlike IWB concealment holsters, or other CCW holsters that depend on a belt, the Lightningwear holster doesn't need a belt to support it! It is a complete concealed carry holsters system all by itself!

Wouldn't you like a better, smarter carry alternative, that allows you to carry without clothing restrictions and with unrestricted freedom of movement – a CCW solution that allows you to carry your handgun safely, and without having to constantly plan your movements to avoid inadvertent detection of weapon exposure? A deep concealment holster that allows you to flop down on the floor and play with the children, grandchildren, or the dog, without worrying about concealed weapon retention.

The Lightningwear holster – it's the smartest way to carry a concealed weapon! Don't settle for imitations! Get the original Lightningwear holster. It's a great concealed carry holster solution for your concealment needs -- in fact it's brilliant!


The Original Lightningwear Deep Concealment CCW holster

Looking for a concealment holsters for your concealed carry holsters needs? The Lightningwear holster is an excellent deep concealment holster for your concealment clothing and many people consider it to be the best concealed carry holster to transform your ordinary clothing into concealment clothing!

The Lightningwear holster is a total concealment holster - it fits totally under your pants, whether you're wearing swimming trunks on the beach or dress slacks in the boardroom. Unlike some other gun holsters, it is self-supporting, eliminating the need for a heavy gun belt to support your weapon. No more ruined dress belts! Our customers write to us and tell us that it is the ultimate concealed carry holster among concealed holsters -- it is a total concealemnt solution for your holster needs.

It is a pistol holster par excellance, whether you want to carry a pocket pistol in a position that even a frisking might miss, want to carry your backup piece in a very secure location, or just want to carry your CCW weapon in a CCW holster that allows you to never have to worry about inadvertently flashing or displaying the pistol. It is so versitile, you can carry two pistols in your Lightningwear holster, if you like, instead of just one.

Any pair of pants you own can become concealment clothing! Under pants concealment in a deep concealment holster provides piece of mind, as well as being one of the most comfortable methods of carry anywhere, because the weapon is carried right in from of your center of gravity.

It is the concealed carry holster that puts the least stress on your lowwer back, so it is a smart, deep carry concealment solution that allows some people to carry who otherwise wouldn't be able to due to back injuries.


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